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Commercial Appraisals in Edmonton

Landucation Appraisals has provided commercial real estate services and consulting services to the property owners of Edmonton since the firm’s inception in 1991.

Unlike many firms, we are entirely family-run. Being family-run has instilled in us a traditional work ethic, and it inspires us to make only the most sensible business choices for ourselves and our clients. Recklessness simply isn’t in our nature.

If you’re looking for commercial real estate appraisers who are licensed by the Real Estate Council of Canada, then look no further than Landucation Appraisals. When it comes to the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, you can bet we follow those standards to the letter.

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The Commercial Appraisal Process, Step-by-Step

You might be wondering exactly what a commercial appraiser can do for you. The short answer? If you’re going to sell your property, you are first going to have to come up with a listing price. Why is the listing price so important? Other than it being an indicator of your property’s value, it is also going to be the first impression your home makes on potential buyers. You want the listing price not only to be fair but also intriguing.

How does Landucation Appraisals go about appraising your property? By gathering and studying as much data on your property as possible. We will start by examining the building itself, where we might enlist the help of other professionals. We’ll be looking at the structural integrity of the space, its current condition, and the history of repairs, renovations and any possible retrofitting.

We will also consider the building’s location. The importance of a building’s location in determining its listing price cannot be overstated. Where a building is located is the biggest concern for any potential buyer. If an otherwise unimpressive building is in a desirable neighbourhood, the listing price will strongly reflect the market location.

The work of a commercial appraiser doesn’t just stop there. We will also research the sales of other properties of a similar distinction in your market location or similar market locations. We’ll dig through public records for any valuable data, and more.

When Landucation Appraisals has gathered enough information to properly determine your Edmonton property’s market value, we will provide you with a richly detailed and sophisticated report. This report will include your commercial property’s valuation and the data we consulted to determine it.

Vacant Land Appraisals in Edmonton

One of the biggest challenges for any commercial developer is how to determine a vacant piece of land’s market value. After all, there might be no building there—or the building on the vacant lot is in disrepair and awaiting demolition. Some real estate appraisers might not feel equipped to determine the value of a vacant lot, but not Landucation Appraisals.

To determine the value of vacant land, Landucation Appraisals will ask questions such as:

  • • Does the property have road access?
  • • How is the property zoned?
  • • What are the adjoining properties?
  • • Is this property close to amenities? Is the neighbourhood desirable?

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